Here you will find some of the services I am offering.

Interpreting Service

Interpreting service is an oral translation of the spoken language. Besides basic interpretation of one spoken language into another, my service also entails clarification of individual words and technical terms. The objective of my interpreting service is to enable and/or simplify communication between yourself and a counterpart, who speaks the language you are not familiar with.

I am performing consecutive (time-delayed) as well as simultaneous (direct, isochronal) interpret without any difficulty.

For example I will gladly assist you in the following situations:

  • Interpreting before state institutions, for example: courts, police, public attorney`s offices, municipal authorities
  • Accompanying at the marriages in civil registry offices, registry offices
  • Accompanying relatives and lawyers during visits to jail or prison
  • Especially in the areas: law, business, medicine and technology

Also gladly on other occasions, please contact me.

Translation service

Translation is, as interpreting, translational activity, where language text is being translated from one language into another. Translation differs from interpreting in that transference occurs in writing.

  • Translation of documents of any kind:
    Verdicts, arraignments, petitions, rulings etc.
  • Translation of private documents:
    Diplomas, certificates, attestations, birth, death, marriage certificates etc.
  • Translation of business documents:
    Terms and conditions, agreements, business correspondence, advertisements, financial and tax reports etc.
  • Especially in the areas of: law, business, medicine and technology

All my translations can certainly be signed and sealed, hereby the translated documents become legally valid.

Please contact me for further information.

This and much more I am carrying out in five languages on a day-to-day basis (Russian, Romanian, Moldovan, German and English).